Technical Team Lead - Daimler Computer Vision-Assisted Safety

Technical lead for the joint Microsoft-Daimler cooperative project to improve reliability and predictability of a production-critical computer vision system, used on production lines to help validate engine assembly. Led a joint team of 17 engineers and strategists from the two companies to improve testing, validation, and deployment strategies.
(September-December 2021)

Technical Team Lead - E.ON Solar Power Potential Estimator

Technical lead for the joint Microsoft-E.ON cooperative project to build an API to estimate rooftop solar power potential for buildings. Led a joint team of 17 engineers and data scientists from the two companies to apply a computer vision approach to satellite imagery in a python-based API.
(May-July 2021)

Technical Team Lead - Volkswagen Autonomous Driving Simulation Platform in the Cloud

Technical Lead, architect, and strategist for the joint Microsoft-Volkswagen cooperative project to build a flexible platform for running automotive simulation tests in the cloud. Led a joint team of 15 engineers and strategists to design the complete system, and implement the two first major milestones using mixed-OS containers and VMs on Azure Kubernetes Service.
(September 2019 - December 2020)

PHP Track chair - Drupalcon Vienna

Responsible for session selection and speaker management in the PHP session track. Built a GoFundMe campaign to sponsor major PHP contributors as speakers at the conference. Wrote and directed the Drupalcon traditional "prenote" session: a song and dance performance by famous community members to kick off the conference and welcome new contributors.
(September 2017)

Drupal/PHP Specialist - Ringier Axel Springer

Part of the specialist backend team brought in to architect and build a centralized web publishing platform on the latest technology. The finished product consumes articles from various print-oriented systems and allows web editors to modify and add to them, publishing to a variety of fully-decoupled front-end web sites. Cutting edge technology like GraphQL, ReactJS, and Drupal 8 along with aggressive use of global CDNs to allow publishing at scale. Completely decoupled development teams and process. and others, (launched May 2017)

Speaker - Drupalcon Dublin

Spoke in the main hall with Moshe Weitzman and Sebastian Siemssen about technical architecture using GraphQL, React/Relay, and Auth0. Wrote and directed the Drupalcon traditional "prenote" session: a song and dance performance by famous community members to kick off the conference and welcome new contributors.
(September 2016)

Technical Lead - Citizens Budget Commission of New York

A long-lived partnership has helped this New York watchdog group expand their web engagement with the latest technologies. Theirs is a site built around clean code and best practices, emphasizing their long-form, in depth analysis and external integrations. Standards-based approaches to long-lasting implementations in Drupal 8 and Twig., (launched June 2016)

Technical Architect - Center for Strategic and International Studies

Architected and executed a complete rebuild of the site for one of the world's largest think tanks. Includes deep integration with Soundcloud, Youtube, S3, Apache Solr, and Involved an enormous migration and content re-architecture from the previous Drupal 5 site. (launched May 2016)

Technical Architect, Strategist - Oxfam International global intranet

Strategy, architecture, and development for Oxfam's worldwide knowledge sharing portal. Integrates external systems such as Box, Okta, and LDAP to bring all of Oxfam's people, documents, and knowledge together into a single site. Included an enormous migration from the previous Drupal 6 site. (May 2015 - June 2016)

Speaker - Drupalcon New Orleans

Wrote and directed the Drupalcon traditional "prenote" session: a song and dance performance by famous community members to kick off the conference and welcome new contributors.
(May 2016)

Speaker - SymfonyLive! Köln

Gave a full day workshop, Introduction to Drupal, in German. Covered basic Drupal concepts such as the entity model, configuration management, Views query builder, integrated Symfony components, and fundamentals of custom code.
(April 2016)

Speaker - Drupalcon Mumbai

Gave a session "Meet PHP-FIG: Your community just got a lot bigger, Drupal" as an introduction to the world and concepts of the PHP Framework Interoperability Group era. Technical examples focused around PSRs relevant to Drupal 8. Video interviews with PHP community notables including Bernhard Schussek, Jordi Boggiano, Sebastian Bergmann, Beth Tucker Long, and Larry Garfield.
(February 2016)

Technical Architect - German Marshall Fund

Complete redesign, re-architect, and Drupal 7 build of a new web presence for the German Marshall Fund. Complex information architecture focusing on the content relation strengths of Apache Solr. Includes a large data migration from multiple source Wordpress sites. (launched February 2015)

Technical Architect - United Way worldwide intranet

Design, architect, and build the Drupal 7 global intranet for the United Way worldwide. Includes deep integration with Apache Solr, Salesforce, and (SAML) Single Sign On for an ecosystem of related web applications. The site focuses on knowledge sharing across disciplines and local chapters, focused around user created and moderated groups. (launched May 2014)

Technical Architect, Sr. Developer - Environmental Protection Agency

Brought in to expand development capacity on the Drupal 7 portion of the EPA's web presence. Extensive work with high availability server architecture and link integrity testing. (September 2013)